Aerospace & Space

Flight & Rugged Hardware


Aerospace switches from TTTech support seamless integration of real-time applications with high latency and jitter requirements.

TTESwitch A664 6U VPX Rugged

This robust 16 port 1Gbit/s Deterministic Ethernet switch is a powerful out-of-the-box high-performance solution capable of full-duplex speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbit/s.

TTESwitch 3U VPX

TTTech’s 3U VPX TTESwitch is a rugged Ethernet switch designed for building robust and reliable networks in rotorcraft, aircraft and land vehicles.

TTESwitch A664 3U VPX Rugged

The 16 port TTESwitch A664 3U VPX Rugged is a powerful out-of-the-box high-performance 3U VPX Ethernet switch capable of full-duplex speeds of up to 1Gbit/s

TTESwitch A664 A600 Pro

TTTech’s certifiable TTESwitch A664 A600 pro in the ARINC 600 form factor enables critical network-centric applications in harsh aerospace environments.

AFDXSwitch 3U VPX Rugged

This rugged switch for hard real-time data communication is an ultra-light, conduction cooled, high-performance Ethernet switch for robust, reliable networks.

AFDXSwitch A600 Pro

This high-performance 24-port switch is certifiable to civil aerospace standards and supports bandwidth-regulated traffic filtering and policing.

End Systems

These products for the aerospace market support various form factors and reliable real-time data transmission on a high-quality network.

TTEEnd System A664 Rugged (P14 Rear-I/O)

This TTEEnd System is equipped with three 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet P14 rear-I/O ports and supports three standard traffic classes.

TTEEnd System A664 Rugged (P16 Rear-I/O)

The end system with three 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet P16 rear-I/O ports uniquely supports three standard traffic classes.

AFDXEnd System Rugged (P14 Rear-I/O)

This rugged end system is equipped with two 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet P14 rear-I/O ports running at full-duplex speeds

AFDXEnd System Rugged (P16 Rear-I/O)

The AFDXEnd System Rugged is equipped with two 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet P16 rear-I/O ports running at full-duplex speeds

TTEPMC Card Rugged

This ruggedized deterministic Ethernet network interface card for harsh environments enables hard real-time operation in distributed systems based on Ethernet networks.

TTEEnd System A664 Pro

The TTEEnd System A664 Production board supports time-triggered and ARINC 664-compliant traffic and offers high-integrity redundancy management.

AFDXEnd System Pro

The AFDXEnd System Pro is certifiable to civil aerospace standards and enables safety-critical data transfer between a computer and an AFDX switch.


TTP and TTEthernet components from TTTech for flight and rugged applications provide solutions for the use in harsh environments.


This TTPController, a standard product from austriamicrosystems, is an integrated device which implements functionalities and features according to SAE AS6003.

TTPStar Coupler

The TTPStar Coupler allows building a star architecture with optimized fault-tolerant features, resulting in an architecture with higher availability.

TTPPhysical Layer

This ready-to-go solution for airborne electronic platforms based on RS-485 is a design for a robust DO-160F, Level 5 physical layer for airborne TTP networks.


Highly reliable equipment and components from TTTech for fault-tolerant computing and data networking under extreme conditions like space-flight.

TTESwitch Controller Space

The TTESwitch Controller Space from TTTech providing SAE AS6802, ARINC 664 p7 and IEEE 802.3 switch functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

TTEEnd System Controller Space

The TTEEnd System Controller Space from TTTech providing SAE AS6802, ARINC 664 p7 and IEEE 802.3 functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

TTESwitch OBC HiRel

The TTESwitch OBC HiRel offers a high-performance CPU combined with a Time-Triggered Ethernet Switch.

Flight Software & IP


TTTech’s embedded software components enable the development of generic reusable control system and avionics platforms with TTP, reducing costs and complexity.


Our TTPDriver is a hardware abstraction layer for operations with TTP controllers that facilitates reuse, simplifies code readability and offers various features.

TTPLoading Library

This embedded COTS software library for data transfers over a TTP network enables download and upload for large data streams in TTP based systems.


TTPTD-COM provides communication layer abstraction for hosted applications on top of generic TTP based control system platforms and allows faster time-to-market.

Development, Test & V&V

Development Switches

TTTech’s development switches for the aerospace market are based on our core-technology the time-triggered Ethernet TTEthernet as well as AFDX.

TTESwitch A664 Lab

The switch supports multi-environment development efforts for hard real-time operations in distributed systems and three different traffic classes.

TTEDevelopment Switch 1 Gbit/s 12 Ports

This TTEthernet-based development switch supports 12 Ethernet ports running at a maximum of 1 Gbit/s in full-duplex mode at a processing bandwidth of 24 Gbit/s.

TTEMonitoring Switch, 1 Gbit/s, 12 Ports

Complementing the existing offering this monitoring switch supports fast online-mirroring of real-time data going through the operational ports of the switch.

AFDXSwitch Lab

This product provides the full range of technical functionalities of our certifiable production switches making it the optimal solution for various applications.

Development End Systems

The TTEthernet and AFDX based end systems from TTTech enable safety-critical data transfer. These products support various form factors.

TTEEnd System A664 Lab

This high-performance card for development and laboratory environments supports three standard traffic classes and is available in PMC, PCI, XMC and PCIe form factor.

AFDXEnd System Lab

This high-performance PMC/XMC card is ideally suited for development and laboratory environments of aircraft networks

TTENetwork Interface Cards

This mezzanine card for network communication combines standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet with time-triggered capabilities (SAE AS6802) for the development of safety-critical applications.

Development Systems

TTTech offers development systems based on the time-triggered technology TTEthernet as well as development hardware based on the time-triggered protocol TTP.

TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux

This TTEthernet development system supports the design of high-end systems. It supports a dual channel fault-tolerant system operating at gigabit speed.

TTEDevelopment System A664 for VxWorks 653

This development system supporting the ARINC 653 interface is a starter kit for integrating TTEthernet’s deterministic network technology with the operating system VxWorks 653.


TTPPowernode from TTTech is a basic prototyping module with TTP controller and processor hosts for developing deterministic distributed systems.


This prototyping card with stackable on-board modules for microprocessor, communication and physical provides flexibility and modularity in prototyping and evaluating.

TTPDevelopment Cluster

The TTPDevelopment Cluster from TTTech is a solution for rapid prototyping of modular and distributed integrated systems based on TTP.

Test Hardware

Our test hardware is based on the time-triggered protocol TTP and includes the TTPMonitoring Node, the TTPSimultate PCI and PCIe and the TTPDisturbance Node.

TTPMonitoring Node

This standalone TTP/Ethernet gateway from TTTech for monitoring and downloads of network data to a TTP network uses an embedded real-time Linux variant.

TTPSimulate XMC/PCIe

TTPSimulate is a high-performance test system which enables the simulation of up to 4 TTP nodes in real-time, supporting speeds of 4 Mbit/s and 20 Mbit/s.

TTPSimulate PCI

The TTPSimulate PCI is a high-performance test system supporting hardware-in-the-loop simulation and design of complex distributed control systems.

TTPDisturbance Node

This fault injection device from TTTech enables fault injection into TTP based networks and systems, creating test scenarios to verify various aspects of a system.


Our middleware helps to expand the benefits of Integrated Modular Avionics from the module-level to the system-level without any change of legacy applications.

TTESync for VxWorks 653

This component allows tight synchronization of VxWorks 653 partitions to the fault-tolerant system-wide cycle time of the TTEthernet communication network.

TTECOM A653 for VxWorks 653

The TTECOM Layer ARINC 653 for controlling ARINC 653 IMA systems offers a powerful interface to applications running on TTEthernet-based networks.

Development Tools

TTTech’s development tools for the aerospace market are based on our core-technologies TTEthernet and TTP and include the solutions Load, View, Build and Plan.


TTEPlan is a TTEthernet/AFDX® network planning tool. Based on input provided as a system specification XML database, the TTEPlan tool creates the network configuration in a user-convenient way.


TTELoad is a Windows application suitable to configure a TTESwitch based on TTTech's TTEthernet switch IP that also supports bootstrap configurations of TTEswitches.


TTEBuild allows converting XML-based device configuration database files into binary configuration images required by the TTESwitches and the TTEEnd Systems.


TTech’s TTPPlan is a cluster design tool for definition and planning of communication in integrated system architectures with the time-triggered protocol TTP.


TTPLoad downloads application and system configuration data from a PC and sends it to a TTP network over an Ethernet/TTP gateway. It also allows quick system reconfiguration.


TTPView is a tool for monitoring and analysis of messages and frames sent among modules in a TTP network featuring flexible visualization instruments for reliability.


TTPBuild from TTTech is an efficient design tool that automatically creates a framework for software application design on one module or control unit.

Verification Tools

TTTech’s verification tools for the aerospace market are based on our core-technologies, the time-triggered Ethernet TTEthernet and the time-triggered protocol TTP.


TTEVerify is a DO-330 qualified verification tool chain for automating reviews of configuration implementations against their requirements for each level.


This solution speeds up the verification process of parameter design and changes for TTPTD-COM layer and allows lower reconfiguration and certification costs.


TTTech’s TTPVerify enables automatic verification of system and network design parameters and is designed as DO-178B Level A verification tool.