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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a super-efficient commercial airplane carrying up to 330 passengers on routes of up to 8,500 nautical miles. Benefits of the new airliner include fuel reduction of 20 percent, more cargo revenue capacity, and an increase of customer convenience due to higher humidity in the interior environment.

Boeing 787
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The Dreamliner is developed by an international team of top aerospace companies. Hamilton Sundstrand (since 2012 UTC Aerospace Systems and since 2018 Collins Aerospace)  delivers electric and environmental control systems and has chosen TTTech to support the development of a TTP based data communication platform.

TTP is able to support applications that must effectively monitor operational consistency and detect errors in order to provide the required level of reliability in Hamilton Sundstrand's common electronic architecture. The communication platform prevents an overload in the bus system, even if several important events occur simultaneously. The system enables an improved modularity compared to conventional communication systems. Additionally, TTP-based systems weigh less than conventional systems due to the lower requirement for wires. As a result, total life cycle costs are reduced and system integration becomes easier.

"The TTP protocol provides Hamilton Sundstrand flexibility in designing distributed electronic systems. By taking advantage of TTP’s modular nature, we can more effectively integrate our systems, improve tolerance to system upgrades, and better manage obsolescence."

Chief Engineer Electronic Products, Hamilton Sundstrand
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