Embraer's Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 business jets are the only aircraft in their segment equipped with advanced fly-by-wire electronic flight controls. The digital fly-by-wire system includes aileron, elevator, and rudder actuators; remote electronic units; and a flight control computer. 

Embraer Legacy
embraer legacy image

The flight control computer is being developed by BAE Systems and Parker and provides a lightweight, high-integrity solution that reduces fuel consumption and pilot workload. In November 2012, the Legacy 500 made a successful first flight.

TTTech provided commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products based on TTP for the aircraft's flight control computer. TTP is designed as a modular distributed platform technology with additional functions for enhancing fault isolation, system health monitoring, and redundancy management. This helps to reduce system complexity, simplifies software design and certification, enables reuse, and facilitates faster time-to-market.

"TTP, due to its features and cross-industry usage, is the most promising, highly reliable and advanced solution for our flight control computer. TTTech technology and products based on TTP allow us to build a highly modular, scalable and cost-efficient solution for fly-by-wire applications."

Program Manager, BAE Systems
Legacy 500 First Flight
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