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TTTech Aerospace provides deterministic embedded network and platform solutions for aerospace and space applications.

Its products have already completed over 1 billion flight hours in Level A safety-critical applications like fly-by-wire, power systems, avionics, engine controls and environmental control systems and covered distances of more than two million kilometers in deep space. 

TTTech Aerospace is part of the TTTech Group, whose solutions are applied in markets like mobile machinery, aerospace, smart manufacturing and automation and are trusted by many renowned market leaders, based on 20 years of technology leadership.

Reaching for the sky with certified and safe solutions for the aerospace market

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TTTech Aerospace has been engaged in the aerospace market since 1998. Worldwide industry market leaders like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier Embraer, Lockheed Martin, COMAC and their systems suppliers use TTTech Aerospace’s solutions in their programs.

We provide development, testing, flight, and network configuration equipment for safety-critical applications. Products such as chip IP, ASICs, and on-board hardware enable system integration, set-up of deterministic networks (ARINC 664 part 7, TTEthernet®, TTP®) and the design and integration of advanced integrated aircraft systems.


Exploring new ways to simplify spacecraft software and system architectures

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TTTech Aerospace also offers reliable radiation-hardened components and integrated modules for Deterministic Ethernet networking applications designed for the use in extreme environmental conditions found in space exploration and human-rated space flight missions. TTTech Aerospace’s avionic backbone network systems act as the “central nervous system” of e.g. NASA‘s Orion spacecraft, the European Service Module by ESA (ESM) and the Ariane 6 launch vehicle.

NASA and its international space agency partners have named TTEthernet®, the deterministic networking technology developed by TTTech, as “International Avionics Systems Interoperability Standards (IASIS)” for programs like the Gateway and future deep space missions.

Management - TTTech Aerospace

Christian Fidi

Christian Fidi

Senior Vice President BU Aerospace, TTTech


Christian Fidi has been with TTTech for more than 10 years, first working as a project manager and technical senior expert for TTTech's major product lines TTEthernet® and TTP®, with a focus on safety-critical data communication and control systems in aerospace, railway, and power plant applications. He held technical responsibility for market development and project management before his promotion to Director Product Management, Sales and Marketing for the business unit (BU) Aerospace at TTTech. He was appointed Senior Vice President of the BU in 2021.

Aaron Tsang

Aaron Tsang

VP Engineering & Product Development Aerospace


Aaron Tsang joined TTTech in May 2021. He previously held the Director, Primary Flight Control Systems Engineering and the Director, Certification positions at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. He also worked at Bombardier Aerospace, where he led engineering teams for more than two decades in both the functional and program level management capacities for safety-critical systems. Aaron Tsang has extensive knowledge in aircraft level product development, integration and certification and also has vast experience working internationally along with a strong background in business development.

Bob Richards

Bob Richards

Vice President Space at TTTech North America


Bob Richards has been a leading figure in the U.S. space industry for several decades. Before joining TTTech in March 2020, he held senior level positions at Orbital, Orbital ATK, and Northrop Grumman in advanced projects and strategy and business development. Bob Richards is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, an Academician of the IAA, and has received the National Medal of Technology, and the National Air and Space Museum Trophy for technical achievement as part of the Pegasus Development Team.

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Get to know our sales team

Borko Jurac Portrait

Borko Jurac

Key Account Manager Sales Europe & Asia Aero

Linda Datelinka Portrait

Linda Datelinka

Key Account Manager Sales Europe & Asia Aero

Matthias Mäeke Kail Portrait

Matthias Mäeke Kail

Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Sales Europe & Asia Aero

Andres Ossa

Andres Ossa

Key Account Manager Aerospace at TTTech North America

Alyssa Faulkner Portrait

Alyssa Faulkner

Key Account Manager Space at TTTech North America

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