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Products List

End Systems

The TTEEnd System A664 Pro (XMC) is a DAL A certifiable end system card for use in flight programs, supporting different traffic classes.

End Systems

The TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) is certifiable to civil aerospace standards and fully compliant with Ethernet, rate-constrained and time-triggered traffic.


The certifiable 10/100/1,000 Mbit/s TTEthernet® Network Switch Module Core


This ready-to-go solution for airborne electronic platforms based on RS-485 is designed for a robust DO-160F, Level 5 physical layer for airborne TTP networks.


This TTPController, a standard product from austriamicrosystems, is an integrated device which implements functionalities and features according to SAE AS6003.

Dev & test systems

TTPSimulate is a high-performance test system which enables the simulation of up to 4 TTP® nodes in real-time, supporting speeds of 4 Mbit/s and 20 Mbit/s.

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