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TTPTD-COM Verify is used to speed up the verification process of parameter design and changes for TTPTD-COM layer. This tool guarantees accurate verification and seamless operation of hosted distributed applications.

Lower reconfiguration and certification costs

Manual reviews of parameter data may be very time-consuming and error-prone tasks. TTPTD-COM Verify can reduce these efforts by several orders of magnitude, while preventing inconsistencies which lead to integration problems. When designing demanding applications for TTP networks, this tool is used to automatically verify correctness of configuration files upon updates of the communication schedule. As data definitions change numerous times throughout a project, TTPTD-COM Verify significantly reduces the system change and redesign effort.

Reliable platform configuration verification

TTPTD-COM Verify reads the binary image of configuration tables, automatically generated by TTPBuild, based on system architecture and application design requirements. The verification covers a set of different requirements related to the application, system architecture, scheduling rules and hardware.

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Configuration data for TTPTD-COM is verified by TTPTD-COM Verify and automatically generated by TTPBuild.

"We expect major savings and a significant reduction of expensive iterations in the verification and test phases by using TTTech's verification tool."

Division Manager Cabin Pressure Control System Development, Nord-Micro
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