TTTech Aerospace's system consulting and development experts have a substantial track record of successful projects. When required, they work closely with our specialists in the fields of chip, hardware and software design. TTTech Aerospace's services help to achieve competitive advantage in the area of safety-critical, fault-tolerant real-time systems of the highest quality. As a result, our consulting team helps our customers to get to market faster and within budget.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Architecture studies & review
    This service includes analysis of user requirements, system configuration and system validation
  • Physical layer analysis
    Our consulting team deals with the analysis, testing and verification of customer's physical layers
  • Process integration
    In this step, our software development tools are integrated into the customer's design process
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Architecture Studies & Review

TTTech Aerospace works on system and software architecture studies with customers interested in cost-efficient evaluation and adoption of time-triggered platforms. We either develop a new platform based on specific requirements, or review the customer's architecture against a certain set of requirements.

Safety aspects

The architecture concept study is developed together with the customer and presents an architecture, which meets highest reliability requirements. The study identifies system structure with regard to its independent fault containment regions. These are used to create a highly dependable system out of less reliable components.

Platform advantages and life cycle aspects

An integrated modular platform has to demonstrate commercial benefits and is expected to provide advantages beyond those achievable with traditional, federated designs. Upgradeability and modularity of the design are the key enablers. The system architecture and underlying platform technology need to be easily testable and support standard testing software and tools.

Software architecture

Once a general and reusable platform for dependable real-time communication has been established, its services are usually encapsulated by an operating system together with higher-level services. The software architecture study discusses appropriate interfaces and the integration of communication services into the operating system or other reusable components. Furthermore, it explores how close services, such as redundancy management, synchronization and system health monitoring, should be integrated into the communication system.

Support for model-based design

Application software for control systems is often developed using a model-based design approach based on tools such as MATLAB/Simulink from The MathWorks or SCADE from Esterel Technologies for specification and simulation. For some of these tools automatic code generation tools and even Level A certified code generators are available. Please have a look at our interfacing products for these tools: TTPSCADElink.

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High-Integrity Architectures

TTTech Aerospace offers a range of advanced technologies for the design of high-integrity system architectures. Support for different topologies is available on request. Central bus guardians, star hubs, gateways and their variants based on existing IP, can be tailored to specific system requirements.

Customized technologies for suppliers and system integrators

System integrators and suppliers may choose to use our customized technologies and tools to advance their system integration and platform design capabilities right away. Instead of developing highly-specialized know-how in-house, they immediately benefit from already existing expertise, products and platform solutions.

Related Offerings

Our services and consulting team supports the design of high-integrity architectures which best fit the customer's system integration needs.

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