Support, Services, Consulting & Certification

Our engineering and consulting involvement ranges from standard product support, requirement capturing, trade studies, platform architecture and methodology consulting, to development and integration of distributed platform components, to the validation and certification support for deterministic embedded platforms.

TTTech Aerospace also assumes system integrator responsibilities, providing integration engineering services with focus on tool-assisted system resource allocation. This facilitates faster time-to-market and reduces the burden on global development teams, enabling them to focus on application-specific program issues. As a result, our customers have the ability to effectively maintain interfaces among teams, rapidly prototype and integrate systems, and mitigate program risks early in the program lifecycle.

TTTech Aerospace provides full support to OEMs and system integrators in different phases of platform lifecycle and product obsolescence management, and manages the production supply chain.

Our support can help you overcome challenges and get the most out of your system design with our technology and products. Services from TTTech Aerospace include designated support engineers as well as online, e-mail and telephone support.

Contact us at or customer support ticketing tool; or find your local contact here.

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TTTech Aerospace offers entry-level courses on deterministic networks, and customized workshops on deterministic embedded system architectures, design tools and methodology for integrated systems with safety-critical and hard real-time functions.


TTTech Aerospace’s system consulting and development experts offer the following consulting services: architecture studies and review, physical layer analysis, and process integration.

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