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The TTEAvionics Hosting Unit is a 3U cPCI chassis, specifically designed to meet the challenges of harsh space environments. It provides a modular platform for the design of complex distributed systems and applications as well as the processing of critical (rate-constrained, time-triggered) and non-critical Ethernet traffic.

The TTEAvionics Hosting Unit is designed, qualified and manufactured by Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space Austria).

Key features

  • Avionics Hosting Unit with integrated power supply and 4x 3U cPCI slots for insert cards
  • End Systems can be accessed via PCI (via backplane) or SpaceWire (externally).
  • Customizable to customer needs due to modular front panel and backplane design
  • Compatible with the TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI and the TTEEnd System Space 3U cPCI
  • Two separate power compartments for increased reliability

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