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The TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (EDU) is a high-performance TTEthernet® switch specifically designed to meet the engineering needs during the development of space applications. TTEthernet simplifies the design of complex distributed systems and applications and allows safe processing of critical and non-critical Ethernet traffic on a single network.

The TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (EDU) was designed for maximum ease of use and reduced development cost and is designed to be equivalent to the TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (FLIGHT) in function and electrical properties.

Key benefits

  • 6x 1000BASE-T + 6x 100BASE-TX Ethernet ports, 16 Gbit/s total switching performance
  • Safe partitioning between IEEE 802.3, rate-constrained, and time-triggered Ethernet traffic (SAE AS6802)
  • Switch IP for up to 4,096 virtual links, up to 8 priorities
  • Fault-tolerant high-speed communication with high bandwidth

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