The TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI is a high-performance TTEthernet® switch specifically designed to meet the challenges of harsh space environments. TTEthernet® simplifies the design of complex distributed systems and applications and allows safe processing of critical and non-critical Ethernet traffic on a single network.

Key benefits

  • 6x 1000BASE-T + 6x 100BASE-TX Ethernet ports, 16 Gbit/s total switching performance
  • Safe partitioning between IEEE 802.3, rate-constrained and time-triggered Ethernet traffic (SAE AS6802)
  • Up to 4,096 virtual links, up to 8 traffic priorities
  • Fault-tolerant communication with high bandwidth utilization

Product variants

  • TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (EDU): Functionally representative model for laboratory use.
  • TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (PROTO): Flight model design, but with reduced parts grade & process quality to build prototype systems.
  • TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI (FLIGHT): Design qualified according to ECSS and acceptance- tested. Flight-grade model for safety-critical space applications. Built with level-1 grade ceramic parts.

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