Embraer Legacy 500 Certification and Entry into Service: Award Winning Fly-By-Wire Actuation System with TTTech’s TTP Networks

August 27, 2014

TTTech, the technology leader in robust networked safety controls, congratulates on the successful Embraer Legacy 500 certification and entry-to-service and is proud to be on board with products and solutions. TTTech’s mature TTP networks are at the core of Parker Aerospace’s fly-by-wire system which performed flawlessly since the Embraer Legacy 500 first flight in 2012.

TTTech offers leading system integration solutions for optimized aircraft system architectures with new advanced capabilities, as demonstrated in the award winning fly-by-wire system on the Embraer Legacy 500. This best-in-class mid-size business jet integrates a closed-loop fly-by-wire flight control system, which replaces mechanical controls with a lighter, digital system that incorporates envelope protection.

“We congratulate the Embraer, Parker and BAE Systems teams on the successful certification of a new cutting edge business jet aircraft. We at TTTech look forward to supporting the ongoing flight testing campaigns and entry-into-service of the Embraer 450 in 2015,” says Perry C. Rucker, Director of Sales & Operations for the Americas at TTTech North America Inc. “Our solutions are used in a variety of critical systems, from power systems, engine controls and environmental control systems to flight control systems. This terrific milestone demonstrates the continued success and expansion of TTTech’s airworthy products and expertise.”

TTTech integrated system solutions and deterministic networks are used in different platforms, from new generation of modern more electric commercial aircraft to advanced business jets. TTP (SAE AS6003) network is a future-proof open standard for designing robust, scalable and fully deterministic embedded platforms in flight critical systems for commercial aviation. Distributed embedded systems and platforms based on TTTech’s DO-254 COTS products benefit from high-bandwidth, deterministic performance, reduced complexity, and exceptional modularity. With mature system design tools and methodology proven in large programs, TTP-based flight critical systems can be modified, updated, and expanded without any impact on other already integrated functions, to reduce time-to-market and minimize system lifecycle costs.