Deterministic Ethernet networks for Advanced Integrated Architectures

Advanced integrated systems and networked generic platforms based on TTTech’s embedded solutions and Deterministic Ethernet networks enable design, integration and modification of complex functions, real-time controls, health management, audio and video with predictable use of computing and networking resources, and without unintended interactions and behavior.

TTTech Aerospace Core Brochure

"TTP was selected for key systems in modern aircraft. Its support for modular certification and system-level partitioning is a key to system stability, safety, reliability, efficient reuse, and obsolescence management."

Scalable integrated platforms: reducing complexity and system lifecycle costs

Applied mix of core embedded platform technologies supports manageable design of reconfigurable and fail-operational integrated architectures for scheduled system maintenance.

With TTTech’s certifiable and scalable embedded solutions and accompanying methodology, OEMs and system integrators can design advanced, optimized and less complex integrated systems, which are reusable and reconfigurable for different aircraft/vehicle electronic platforms and missions.

This enables the reduction of total system lifecycle costs, simplifies upgrades and incremental modernization.

Cross-industry standards in critical systems

TTTech is addressing requirements of complex integrated architectures hosting safety- and time-critical functions in the automotive, heavy machinery, energy production, manufacturing, aerospace and space domains by using open networking and embedded system standards.

Excellence in large commercial programs

As a partner in large commercial programs and complex projects (e.g. Boeing 787, Bombardier CSeries, Embraer Legacy, Airbus A380, NASA Orion), TTTech provides COTS platform components, assumes selected system integrator roles, works with certification authorities and provides airworthy embedded COTS hardware and software components, verification tools and testing equipment. Our solution mix helps our customers to design manageable system architectures, accelerate program execution, reduce the program effort/costs and time-to-market.