TTEEnd System A664 Lab

Deterministic Ethernet End System for Development Efforts of Aircraft, Rotorcraft & Launch Vehicle Electronics

The TTEEnd System A664 Lab for development and laboratory environments is a high-performance PMC/XMC card with three 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet ports running at full-duplex speeds. The end system uniquely supports three standard traffic classes: standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) as well as rate-constrained (ARINC 664 p7) and time-triggered (SAE AS6802) traffic in parallel on one physical infrastructure. Therefore the board is 100 % compatible to all standard (IEEE 802.3) Ethernet off-the-shelf components as well as ARINC 664 p7 system architectures. Furthermore the board allows for flexible and easy physical layer configuration as it supports copper and optical SPFs to be installed.

The TTEEnd System A664 Lab provides a fully in hardware implemented and therefore deterministic IP/UDP communication layer for critical traffic which offloads the host CPU. It enables real-time Ethernet communication between an embedded computer and TTEthernet switches for redundant channels in a safety-critical system.

Further unique features include a fixed latency and transmission jitter in the sub-microsecond range and unmatched bandwidth efficiency while maintaining full determinism (up to 95 % utilization of available network bandwidth).

The TTEEnd System A664 Lab is available as PMC, PCI, XMC and PCIe variant. The card could also be used on CPCIe, VME, VPX and VXS carrier boards (additional testing required) and can therefore be plugged into various PCs or embedded CPU boards for lab use or field applications. 

Key Benefits

One End System - Three Standardized Traffic Classes

  • The TTEEnd System A664 Lab enables convergence of standard Ethernet traffic (IEEE 802.3) and hard real-time communication (ARINC 664 p7 and Time-Triggered Ethernet SAE AS6802) in parallel on the same network
  • Fixed latency and transmission jitter in the sub-microsecond range
  • Bandwidth efficiency while maintaining full determinism (up to 95 % utilization of available network bandwidth)
  • For production programs a DO-254, DO-178C DAL A and DO-160G a certifiable end system variant is also available

Key Features

  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s full-duplex Ethernet links
  • 3 channels support using SFP connectors
  • Three configurable traffic classes
    • Standard traffic (IEEE 802.3),
    • Rate-constrained traffic (ARINC 664 p7) and
    • Time-triggered traffic (SAE AS6802)
  • 128 send VLs, 512 receive VLs
  • 1024 send COM ports, 512 receive ports
  • Profiled IP/UDP, sampled and queued ports
  • IP/UDP handled on hardware
  • Diagnosis and status registers
  • DMA controller onboard
  • Software driver for Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (64bit) and VxWorks 653 v2.4 (requires additional TTECOM Layer for ARINC 653)
  • High quality configuration tools available
  • Qualified verification & validation tools available
TTE-End System A664 Lab

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