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TTEPlan is the TTEthernet® network design tool. Based on input provided as a system specification XML database, the TTEPlan tool creates the whole network configuration databases in a user-convenient way.

The input to the TTEPlan tool is a network description XML file. This file specifies high-level communication requirements for the system. Examples for these communication requirements are message flows, the network topology, message timing requirements, Virtual Links (VLs), including their IDs, timing and frame sizes. From this input, the TTEPlan tool then automatically creates the network schedules/configuration records.

Key benefits

  • Network topology modeling based on XML database (network description XML database)
  • Scheduling capabilities
    • Automated scheduling calculation for time-triggered traffic
    • Configuration support for rate-constrained (ARINC 664 part 7) and best-effort traffic (IEEE 802.3)
    • Scheduling done at frame level granularity
  • Two types of TTEthernet scheduling (configurable per VL)
    • Automatic mode (auto-selection of phase offset and periodicity)
    • Manual mode (explicit specification of phase and periodicity at the sender)
  • Explicit configuration options for key parameters (buffer sizes and types, symbolic VL naming, etc.)

TTEPlan is available in two different versions: TTEPlan Starter and TTEPlan Expert. The differences between both versions are represented in the functionality of basic features as well as the availability of advanced features for the expert version. For more information, download the TTETools flyer or contact us directly at

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