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TTPSimulate supports hardware-in-the-loop simulation and design of complex distributed control systems where some parts of the systems are physically available and others exist only as a simulation model. This board enables concurrent engineering and reliable integration of complex integrated systems in large programs.

Shorter time-to-market and reduced costs for large production programs

System integration and concurrent engineering are crucial for the success of complex programs and systems. TTPSimulate boards help to reduce time-to-market and program costs by parallelization of design efforts in complex multi-vendor environments.

Flexible simulation and monitoring for complex subsystems

The board runs in PC with Linux operating system. Adding more boards/PCs, a complex TTPSystem with up do 64 nodes can be simulated. Each board can simulate up to 4 nodes per board. A low-level API interface is used for extracting data and processing in custom software.

Key benefits

  • Real-time simulation board
  • Simulation of up to 4 TTP nodes
  • Full tools support
  • Driver support for Linux, Windows, LynxOS, and LabView RT
  • PCI and PMC form factor
  • Optional LabView VI support
  • IRIG-B time stamping
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