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A reliable embedded computing architecture needs a robust physical layer. TTPPhysical Layer is designed for a robust DO-160F, Level 5, physical layer for airborne TTP networks. Based on RS-485, it is a ready-to-go solution for airborne electronic platforms. The design offers 4 Mbit/s transmission speed with Manchester encoding. Transformer couplers provide electrical isolation. The maximum network extension is 80 m, depending on the bus topology.

Key benefits

  • 80 m cable length
  • Based on RS-485
  • 4 Mbit/s Manchester encoding
  • Electrical isolation with signal transformers
  • DC breakdown voltage +/- 4 kV
  • Level 5 pin injection test @ 3.2 kV/1 MHz
  • Level 5 cable bundle tests WF3, 4 and 5A
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