TTPLoading Library

Embedded COTS software library for data transfers over a TTP network

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TTPLoading Library is an embedded COTS software library for data transfers over a TTP network. This product enables download and upload of large data streams in TTP based systems. By (up-)loading data from many TTP units in a single step, this data loading library COTS component reduces software maintenance effort. This is particularly important for designing easily reconfigurable architectures that support frequent changes or upgrades.

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Key Benefits

  • Reliable data download over the TTP network
  • Loading of application image and configuration data
  • One node (master node) manages the download process among the other nodes in the network
  • DO-178B, Level A certification artefacts
  • Mature COTS solution

Key Features

TTPLoading Library provides reliable point-to-point connections between the master and each client node in a special TTP data loading mode. The library comprises a loading master and a loading client module. The loading master performs the task of a gateway, receiving data from an external source: Ethernet connection to the maintenance computer or an ARINC 615A data connection. TTPLoading Library is designed as a hardware-independent software and operates in a non-blocking event-driven mode.

Certifiable version available for MPC555/MPC5554. If you need more information, please contact us at