Electronic Control Units

Safety Certified Controllers

TTControl's safety and certified controllers include the high-end HY-TTC 500 family, the top-level midsize HY-TTC 94 and the compact HY-TTC 30S/32S ECUs.

HY-TTC 510 / 540 / 580

The safety controllers of the HY-TTC 500 product family are designed to meet upcoming needs of high-end applications.


HY-TTC 94 is the top-level electronic control unit of the HY-TTC 50 controller family, designed to comply with the ISO/EN 13849 standard.

HY-TTC 30S / 32S

The safety certified control units HY-TTC 30S and HY-TTC 32S are designed to comply with ISO 13849 for applications up to PL c.

General Purpose Controllers

The cost-effective, high-performance mid-size ECU family is targeted towards applications that need to function reliably under harsh environmental conditions.


HY-TTC 77 is a powerful electronic control solution for the off-highway industry with 12V power supply and enhanced safety features.


The HY-TTC 71 is the ideal controller for smaller machines such as small wheel loaders, small excavators or small rollers with 12V power supply.


The HY-TTC 60 ECU of TTControl has 512 kB external RAM and eight analog inputs that can be configured for different voltages in the range of 0-30 V.


The architecture of the mid-size ECU HY-TTC 50 combines the advantages of a competitive general purpose control unit with specific customer requirements.

HY-TTC 30 / 32

HY-TTC 30/32 is a compact control unit specifically developed for use in cost-sensitive applications or smaller machines.

I/O Modules

Safety Certified I/O Modules

These I/O modules are protected by a compact, automotive-style housing suited to mobile applications in harsh environments and can be used in a modular way.


TTControl’s HY-TTC 48XS is an intelligent safety I/O module for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications, developed according to EN ISO 13849 (PL d).


The HY-TTC 30XSH und HY-TTC 30XSI I/O modules are TÜV-certified according to EN 13849 and fulfill PLc requirements.

General Purpose I/O Modules

TTControl offers a variety of general purpose I/O modules for different demands, meeting the needs of the off-highway and mobile machinery markets.


The HY-TTC 48X from TTControl is a CANopen-based, cost effective, modular and user-friendly solution for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications.


The HY-TTC 36X from TTControl is a CANopen-based, cost effective, modular and user-friendly solution for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications.


The HY-TTC 30XH is a user-friendly I/O module that can be utilized as a flexible control system extension in mobile applications.

Visualization / HMI

Rugged Operator Interfaces

TTControl offers a suitable, robust operator interface for all needs with the 10.4-inch and 7-inch touchscreen version of our HY-Vision² family of HMIs.

HY-eVision² 10.4

The HY-eVision² 10.4 is a highly robust HMI with a large 10.4-inch touchscreen offering all features and benefits of the HY-eVision² family of operator interfaces.

HY-eVision² 7.0

TTControl’s HY-eVision² 7.0 is the smaller 7-inch version of our family of highly robust operator interfaces for the off-highway and mobile machinery market.


Cloud and IoT Solutions

TTControl offers IoT gateways and complete out-of-the-box cloud management platforms with true plug-and-play functionality.

TTConnect Cloud Service

TTConnect Cloud Service includes cloud access, connectivity and a ruggedized IoT gateway for a true end-to-end machine management solution.

TTConnect Wave

TTConnect Wave is a high performance, ruggedized IoT gateway designed to connect vehicles or machines to the cloud via wireless or cellular interfaces.

Advanced Platforms

Connectivity platforms for the management of network architectures of vehicles and machines in rugged operating environments.