Tool for monitoring and analysis of messages and frames sent among modules in a TTP network

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The easy-to-use graphical TTPView user interface allows on-line tracing, hard disk recording, and playing back of TTP network traffic on a PC. Configurable visualization instruments enable the customization of system monitoring and a powerful scripting language helps to automate and process message data.

Flexible visualization instruments and reliable monitoring

As part of TTPTools, TTPView permits to define instruments, trigger points, and value charts for monitoring the operation of the system. All collected data are displayed in a synchronous fashion which facilitates the analysis of complex interrelationships among the messages. The disk logging feature allows to record traffic in a human-readable and easy to process format for offline analysis.

Related products

TTPMonitoring Node is connected to a PC via Ethernet cable. TTPLoad provides the capability to download software applications and other data to a TTP network. Both TTPLoad and TTPView can communicate with the embedded software of the TTPMonitoring Node via standard TCP/IP Internet protocols.

Key Benefits

  • Fast verification of a TTP network
  • Intuitive visualization of network traffic
  • Quick debugging of application data
  • High-speed bus monitoring
  • Tracing, recording, and play-back
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Export of data