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February 25, 2014

TTTech Computertechnik AG and Vector Informatik GmbH announce to expand their cooperation into the aerospace market. Vector’s development and test tool CANoe.AFDX will be bundled with TTTech’s AFDX® end system COTS hardware. The synergies created by this powerful combined offering will provide substantial benefits to the demanding customers in the aerospace market worldwide.

In the past, TTTech has already been successfully cooperating with Vector Informatik in the automotive industry. Building on this success, the two companies now decided to extend their partnership into the aerospace market. Developers of networked control units for aircraft will benefit from Vector’s more than 25 years of professional experience regarding analysis, simulation and testing of embedded systems. TTTech brings its substantial experience as a provider of rugged and certified aerospace flight products based on TTP, AFDX and TTEthernet to the partnership with Vector.

In the past months, Vector has successfully been testing TTTech’s AFDX end system COTS hardware and will now release its newest software compatible with this hardware to customers worldwide. TTTech’s AFDX end system will be bundled with Vector’s development software CANoe.AFDX for an easy-to-use out of the box product bundle solution. CANoe.AFDX is predestined for analysis and testing of entire AFDX networks as well as individual devices. This powerful combined offering will enable the customer to implement complex analysis scenarios and obtain detailed access to the exchanged data right down to the level of single Ethernet frames. The comprehensive and versatile functions of CANoe.AFDX in combination with TTTech’s high-performance AFDX end system hardware facilitate the analysis of complex aerospace networks.

“This partnership with Vector, the leading manufacturer of software test tools for data busses, will allow our customers to benefit from Vector’s leading cross-industry integrated software testing environment and TTTech’s networking hardware based on AFDX. TTTech’s proven Deterministic Ethernet product line, e.g. based on AFDX, combined with Vector’s very capable software testing tools will be essential to manage the application of more and more distributed yet integrated modular avionics architectures in the aerospace industry,” explains Kurt Doppelbauer, Director Sales Business Unit Aerospace at TTTech.

”The partnership with TTTech allows us to complete our AFDX offering for test and analytical solutions with high-performance hardware. With this partnership we further extended and consolidated our position in the aerospace industry,” adds Jürgen Klüser, Director of Aerospace at Vector Informatik.

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