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TTTech Aerospace’s certifiable TTE-End System A664 Pro (PMC) card / featured image

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market is growing fast and TTTech Aerospace is entering this market by providing its TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC), a certifiable network interface card (NIC), for a modern UAV avionics system. TTTech Aerospace supplies the TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) card to connect the flight control computer from Mercury Systems to the mission system of the UAV, using SYSGO’s PikeOS operating system.

“We are very proud that our certifiable TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) card was successfully integrated in a modern UAV avionics system. It was great working with the highly experienced teams of Mercury Systems and SYSGO during this great program and we look forward to the certification of our network interface card in the coming months,” says Javier Gadea, Product Manager, TTTech Aerospace.

The TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) is certifiable to civil aerospace standards, including RTCA DO-254/DO-178C DAL A and DO-160G. It is the perfect companion for TTTech Aerospace’s Ethernet switching building blocks and network configuration tools for safety-critical applications in everything from UAVs to large aircraft.

Find out more in our press release.

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