Declaration of Consent Export Control

By uploading my application to the career portal of TTTech Computertechnik AG, Schönbrunner Str. 7, 1040 Wien, Austria, I consent to TTTech Computertechnik AG and the TTTech group company I apply for (hereinafter both or separately referred to as “TTTech”), to do as follows:

TTTech is obliged to observe certain national, EU and international regulations and statutes with regards to export control. These regulations require TTTech to regularly perform standard security checks by matching the employees´ personal data (name, nationality and birth date) with specific embargo lists and others provided by the European and US-American governmental authorities. The processing of my data for this specific purpose before any possible employment therefore represents a legal requirement for TTTech and is furthermore justified by the company’s legitimate interests as well as by public interest.

For the avoidance of doubt, I herewith also authorize TTTech to process my personal data (name, nationality and birth date) and to transfer these data to AEB GmbH with its place of business in Germany, Sigmaringer Strasse 109, 70567 Stuttgart, who acts as data processor on behalf of TTTech. AEB GmbH processes these data for the sole purpose of matching them with the above-mentioned blacklists. My data will not be transferred or processed outside of the European Union and will only be stored by AEB GmbH for 31 days following the performance of a check. TTTech will only store limited data about the results of the checks, received from AEB GmbH, namely the date of check against specific black lists as well as the result “match/mismatch” as long as required by law, the company’s legitimate interests or required for the performance of a contract.

I have the right not to declare as well as to revoke my consent any time. However, I do understand that in case that I do not declare or revoke my consent, TTTech will not be able to enter into an employment contract with me. Furthermore, I understand that a revocation of my declaration of consent results in TTTech’s inability to maintain the employment relationship as TTTech would otherwise violate its statutory compliance obligations.