Solutions for Optimized Data Communication in Audi A8

AUDI AG and TTTech Group have been cooperating very closely in the field of time-triggered systems since 2001. A major result of this cooperation is the introduction of FlexRay in the next generation of the Audi A8 to optimize its data communication.

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Audi A8 Next Generation

Embraer Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 Fly-by-Wire Systems With TTP

BAE Systems and Parker have developed the fly-by-wire system for Embraer and selected DO254 TTP based products from TTTech as the backbone network

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Embraer Legacy

NASA Orion - System Integration with Deterministic Ethernet (TTEthernet)

NASA's Orion MPCV provides the US an entirely new human space exploration capability. TTTech's Deterministic Ethernet (TTEthernet) is one of the advanced technologies to be deployed in Orion

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Orion's First Step to Deep Space: Exploration Flight Test-1 in 2014

Thales LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA - Electronic Interlocking Systems for Train Control

LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA is an electronic interlocking system that provides the highest levels of safety and availability

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Our Projects & References

TTTech follows a "One-Stop Shop" strategy, providing customers with first-rate products and services for the development of embedded systems. Worldwide market leaders use our deterministic network solutions in commercial production programs for the aerospace & space, automotive, off-highway and industrial sector. TTTech solutions are applied cross-industry.

To find out how TTTech’s solutions can increase reliability, economy and convenience to developers, suppliers, manufacturers some exemplary customer projects are described.