TTTech Aerospace’s highly integrated radiation-hardened TTEthernet® network controllers for space entering series production

TTTech Aerospace’s TTEthernet® Systems on Chip (SoCs) network controllers (TTESwitch Controller HiRel and TTEEnd System Controller HiRel) have been successfully  qualified by STMicroelectronics to be used for space flights. They uniquely support standard Ethernet, rate-constrained and time-triggered traffic and their high Gigabit/second bandwidths allow for high data payload and control data transfers on a single network. The TTEthernet® SoCs network controllers are used in deterministic, fault-tolerant, Ethernet-based networks. Current applications include the avionics systems of two major launcher programs and on one robotic program.

Christian Fidi, preview image“Our TTEthernet® SoCs network controllers are the first of their kind worldwide to enter series production. Their modular and deterministic nature supports design optimization and a significant reduction in software complexity and equipment size,” explains Christian Fidi, Senior Vice President Business Unit Aerospace, TTTech.

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