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TTTech Aerospace has appointed industry expert Aaron Tsang as VP Engineering & Product Development Aerospace. He will lead the aerospace and space research and development team at TTTech Group’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria from May 10, 2021.

“It is a great pleasure to join the TTTech Aerospace team. As VP Engineering & Product Development Aerospace, I will make use of my experience in the aviation sector, aircraft engineering and business development to further develop our solutions for safety-critical systems certifiable to the highest industry standards. I look forward to leveraging TTTech Aerospace’s strong research focus together with a team of highly skilled engineers,” says Aaron Tsang, VP Engineering & Product Development Aerospace.

Aaron Tsang
Aaron Tsang, VP Engineering & Product Development Aerospace

For more than two decades, Aaron Tsang has been leading engineering teams at Bombardier Aerospace in both the functional and program level management capacities for safety critical systems. As a leader at Bombardier, Aaron developed extensive knowledge in aircraft level product development, integration and certification through his involvement on the QSeries, Global 5500/6500/7500 and Challenger 350/650 platforms. Aaron also has vast experiences working internationally along with a strong background in business development. Prior to joining TTTech, he held the Director, Primary Flight Control Systems Engineering and the Director, Certification positions at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

“Our TTTech Aerospace team is proud to welcome Aaron Tsang, a highly experienced civil aviation leader. We have been active in the aerospace and space markets since 1998, providing system integration capabilities and deterministic network products and platform components. Aaron’s appointment will help to focus and leverage this expertise. Our TTP product line, for example, has already reached 1 billion flight hours and Aaron’s industry experience will support us in continuing to create and innovate products for safety-critical aerospace and space applications, from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to long haul civil aviation aircrafts,” adds Christian Fidi, VP Business Unit Aerospace at TTTech.


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  • TTPControllers are integrated devices that implement functionalities and features according to SAE AS6003.
  • The TTESwitch Module A664 Pro brings the full power of Deterministic Ethernet communication technology to aerospace certifiable hardware.


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