June 21, 2011

TTTech, the leading supplier of dependable networking solutions based on time-triggered technology and modular safety platforms, launches its new Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX®) product line. It complements TTTech's existing deterministic aerospace data bus solution products (TTP and TTEthernet) with a new set of fully AFDX® compliant products. TTTech was one of the first licensees of AFDX® technology signing a license contract with EADS at the Berlin Airshow 2010.

Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX®) is a deterministic Ethernet protocol for avionics data networks and has been standardized within ARINC 664 p7. Amongst others, the protocol is deployed on the Boeing 787. In addition, it is used in a number of upcoming aircraft programs.

TTTech's new product line's core offering comprises certifiable AFDX® production hardware including avionics data network switches and end systems. These products are developed according to the aerospace standards RTCA DO-254 DAL A, RTCA DO-178B DAL A, and RTCA DO-160F.

Supplementing the production hardware offering, new AFDX® products for development, ground testing, and V&V are available. These include an ARINC 664 compliant development switch as well as an AFDX® development end system card becoming available in July 2011.

To strengthen its position in the ground testing market, TTTech formed a long-term strategic alliance with the North American company Avionics Interface Technologies AIT in August 2010. TTTech is working closely with its partner AIT in the area of development and supply of ground-based AFDX® test equipment.

In preparation for launching the new product line, EADS and TTTech signed a licensing contract for the Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet AFDX® in July 2010.

Besides the core product developments, TTTech is strongly engaged in multiple research programs for future avionics networking technology. Within the EU program SCARLETT, TTTech AFDX® switches are used by GE Aviation Systems for a joint reconfigurable ARINC 664 p7 network switch based architecture.

"We are very glad to launch this third aerospace product line. This allows us to perfectly match the strong market demands for Ethernet-based embedded networking solutions in the aerospace industry - AFDX® standard being one of them. Besides, the new product line will further strengthen TTTech's market position for deterministic avionics Ethernet solutions. It perfectly complements the existing product lines by supporting a clear growth path for our customers towards next generation aircraft networking platforms," states Ingomar Wenzel, Product Manager Aerospace at TTTech.

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