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  • The award honors TTTech’s standardization efforts in the IEEE, most notably in the area of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), which guarantees safe and reliable information transmission within a network and thus enables novel functionalities in many application areas, like in the automotive domain and in industrial automation.
  • TTTech initiated creation of the TSN standards and is also among the leading providers of TSN-based solutions on the market. TSN is one of the key enabling technologies for megatrends like the Industrial IoT and automated driving.
  • Technological standards create the same technical starting conditions for all market participants, reduce cost and accelerate innovation.

Vienna, Austria, January 22, 2021. High-tech company TTTech, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has won the prestigious Living Standards Award 2021 in the category “IEEE Standards”. This was revealed in a digital awards ceremony on January 21, 2021 hosted by award giver Austrian Standards.  The Living Standards Award is the most significant Austrian prize dedicated to standardization and innovation. It pays tribute to success stories on innovative solutions, ideas and future-oriented technologies with export potential. It also focuses on raising the visibility of success stories based on the application and development of standards.

Dr. Stefan Poledna, TTTech CTO, Co-Founder and Executive Board Member: “It is a great honor for TTTech to receive the Living Standards Award 2021 in the category ‘IEEE Standards’. We strive to build safe and reliable computing systems to improve human lives. This would not be possible without strong common standards that allow us to scale technology.”

Why are standards so important? “Technology development has become so complex and costly that competing entities must find ways to cooperate on neutral ground under well-defined rules and regulations,” Dr. Wilfried Steiner, Director TTTech Labs explains. “This kind of cooperation of competing entities is often called ‘coopetition’ and working on common standards is essential for successful coopetition models.” In other words, standards create a win-win situation for all involved market participants by saving them development and research costs and providing them all with the same foundations on which new technologies can be built. In doing this, standards also serve as accelerators of innovation.

Since its foundation in 1998, TTTech Group has been at the forefront of establishing new technological standards as part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Most notably Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of IEEE 802 Ethernet sub-standards developed in the IEEE TSN task group. These standards enable deterministic real-time communication over Ethernet and are applied in areas such as industrial automation, aerospace, space or automotive applications. TSN is currently evolving as the networking standard for Industry 4.0 and is one of the key enabling technologies for megatrends like the Industrial IoT and automated driving. TTTech’s TSN-based solutions are used in the industrial automation and automotive industries.

Marina Gutiérrez, Research Engineer at TTTech Labs, currently holds the position of Secretary of the IEEE 802.1 TSN task group and is also the editor of its P802. 1Qcw project. In her research, she focuses on several aspects of TSN: “Scheduling is a technology that is at the core of TSN and TTTech itself. TSN brings guaranteed data transport with bounded low latency, low delay variation and extremely low loss. It enables Ethernet to be used to create computing networks in industrial automation, automotive and aerospace.”


About TTTech

The TTTech Group consists of globally-oriented high-tech companies, founded and headquartered in Vienna, Austria. It builds on 20 years’ technology leadership with extensive experience in collaborating with market leaders.

With its real-time networking platforms and safety controls, TTTech Group’s solutions improve the safety and reliability of electronic systems in the industrial and transportation sectors and help to make the Internet of Things and automated driving a reality. TTTech Group transfers proven aerospace network technology to mass markets like automotive and manufacturing. TTTech is the innovator of Deterministic Ethernet and a driving force behind the IEEE TSN standard and SAE Time-Triggered Ethernet standard.

About 2,300 employees from more than 40 nations work in 20 offices in 14 countries for TTTech Group companies, ensuring proximity to its international customer base as well as to its valued partners around the globe.


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