Ttp Pmc Card22

March 9, 2009

TTTech, the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered communication, has developed a PMC Card with TTP communication controller and a PowerPC host processor. TTPPMC Card enables time-triggered and deterministic networking for complex distributed systems. It has been designed for the use of all kinds of standard modules with PMC interface. System configuration with TTP-based PMC cards allows customers to benefit from faster time-to-market and reduced lifecycle costs.

TTP is a communication protocol for design of fault-tolerant distributed hard real-time systems with clean definition of key system interfaces. Distributed embedded computing with TTPPMC Card enables development of distributed applications independent of the underlying communication architecture, physical layer, topology or embedded host hardware.

TTPPMC Card makes application design as easy as possible. It contains an austriamicrosystems AS8202NF communication controller and a standard Freescale MPC5567 host processor on board. A TTP network facilitates the development of reusable platforms and supports full separation of application design from system interfacing details.

By using TTP-based PMC cards, all kinds of standard modules with a PMC adapter can be integrated into deterministic TTP networks. Seamless integration is enabled by an in-house design process. This facilitates the development of safety-critical and distributed applications with existing hardware, resulting in faster time-to-market.

TTPPMC Card reduces configuration, integration, testing, maintenance and reuse effort for networked systems. The solution simplifies obsolescence management due to time-triggered network architecture and enables upgrades, extensions, incremental modernization and growth of networked systems. Value-added system options, expansion packs and updates can be easily implemented without any impact on other critical functions of the system. As a result, the use of TTP-based PMC cards also supports the reduction of lifecycle costs.

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