EU Project on More Open Electrical Technologies (MOET) Launched Successfully

August 29, 2006

The project on More Open Electrical Technologies (MOET) was launched successfully on July 5th. TTTech is a participant in this joint development project formed by 61 companies in the EU’s Framework Programme 6. MOET stands for More Open Electrical Technologies and aims to establish a new industrial standard for electrical system design in commercial aircraft. This will strengthen the competitiveness of the EU’s aerospace industry. One of MOET’s important design objectives is to improve operational aircraft capacity. Its Power-by-Wire (PbW) concept will enhance aircraft design and electrical power flexibility.

The main result of the three-year project will be the validation of scalable electrical networks up to 1MW for future air, actuation and electrical systems, considering new voltage levels and advanced concepts. To achieve its goals, MOET will need to develop new design principles, technologies and standards. The entire project will run under the overall management of Airbus France.

TTTech’s contributions will be in work package 6 (WP6), which emphasizes the core avionics interfaces between electrical sources and users, as well as advanced electrical distribution. The work package is led by Intertechnique, a leading expert in on-board electronics and electrical power management in aircraft systems. This working group, which includes EADS, Airbus, Smiths Aerospace and TTTech, will build up the common core definition of electrical power distribution systems, focusing on the field bus interface development.

TTTech’s know-how in time-triggered data communication is especially valuable in this work package, since the field bus technology will be based on a time-triggered network solution. TTTech will develop a software package for aircraft obsolescence management that will enable effortless upgrades as well as the “plug and play” exchange of hardware modules in more electric aircraft. Another software package to be developed by TTTech for the MOET project will enhance data and application download during aircraft operation.

“We very much appreciate TTTech’s participation in MOET’s work package 6 since their in-depth knowledge of field bus solutions will be important for the development of distributed high voltage systems,” commented Christian Thiry, Project Manager for MOET WP6 at Intertechnique. “TTTech, being a renowned supplier of high-dependability distributed systems with considerable project experience in the aerospace industry, adds essential know-how to the working group.”

About Intertechnique
INTERTECHNIQUE, ECE, IN-LHC, PRECILEC and IN-FLEX are companies that were created to provide reliable and efficient equipment to aircraft and engine manufacturers and together constitute the Aircraft Systems field of segment in the Zodiac Group. They are recognized worldwide as specialists in high technology equipment and systems for essential functions both on the ground and in the air.

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