May 22, 2006

Leading suppliers of software for the automotive industry have jointly founded an industry association. The association’s name is: Association of European Suppliers for Automotive Software (AESAS).

"The central aim of AESAS is to optimize the existing economic framework for suppliers of automotive software located in Europe. Not only will the European economic area profit from this, but also and primarily the automotive industry and the end user of automotive software – i.e. each driver of an automobile. These are AESAS’s clear aims; by following these aims AESAS very clearly stands for the continuous growth of highly qualified jobs in Europe.”, explained Dr. Meinhard Erben, President of AESAS.

For AESAS, one of the essential means to reach its aims is an ongoing dialogue between the manufacturers of automotive software and their customers within the automotive industry. This dialogue, combined with the mutual interchange of experience and know-how among the members of AESAS will further and intensify the innovation capacities of the European manufacturers of automotive software.

Therefore, AESAS is a valuable supplement to the technical standardizing initiatives for electronics in automobiles created by the automotive industry, such as AUTOSAR, FlexRay and LIN.

Furthermore, AESAS will establish contact to the political decision makers on national as well as on international levels, in order to proactively position AESAS within the political structure and the economical framework of the automotive industry as well as the information technology (IT).

The establishing members of AESAS are: 3SOFT GmbH, Erlangen, Germany; DECOMSYS Dependable Computer Systems, Hardware und Software Entwicklung GmbH, Vienna, Austria; Mentor Graphics (Deutschland) GmbH, Munich, Germany; Micron Electronic Devices AG, Neutraubling, Germany; Softing AG, Haar, Germany; TTAutomotive Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria; Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.

Association of European Suppliers for Automotive Software (AESAS)
Dr. Meinhard Erben
Neuenheimer Landstr. 36
D-69120 Heidelberg

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