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And the USABizAward Goes to...TTTech

The Austrian foreign trade center in Los Angeles awarded TTTech with the USABizAward in the category “Innovation”. The award is also known as the “Business Oscar” and honors Austrian companies with extraordinary achievements in the US market. The nominated corporations contribute significantly to Austria’s competitive strength and export success.

One of the reasons TTTech has been awarded in the category “Innovation” was our work for the NASA Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. The MPCV completed its first test flight in December successfully. One of TTTech’s core technologies, TTEthernet, is at the core of the avionics system of the spacecraft. The avionics system is often described as the brains of the MPCV, consisting of a wide variety of standard and complex electronics assembled into various independent systems, each responsible for performing specific critical functions. TTEthernet allows a mixed criticality architecture, using three traffic classes (standard, rate-constrained and time-triggered Ethernet), thus being highly flexible and modular. All independent avionics subsystems of the MPCV were connected by using this deterministic high performance Ethernet network.

The winners of the 5th USABizAward have been announced on February 20. TTTech is proud to be among the honorees and to be recognized as a contributor to Austria’s strong export economy, especially to its success on the US market. We would like to thank the Austrian foreign trade center in Los Angeles for the award.

More about the award in the press release (German) from the Austrian foreign trade center.