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TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet and Safety Controls to Be Deployed in Next Generation Vestas Wind Turbines

We are proud that TTTech will contribute Deterministic Ethernet solutions and safety controls to the next generation of wind turbines from Vestas, global leader in wind energy with more than 54,900 wind turbines installed worldwide. The deployed solutions will provide higher precision in control, which helps to lower the overall cost of energy.

TTTech has a wealth of experience in the design and integration of advanced control systems and Deterministic Ethernet networks in a range of applications in the automotive and aerospace markets. Our embedded platform solutions enable optimized and highly available operations, integrating safety, control and maintenance functions. Our platform substantially reduces complexity and system life-cycle cost while ensuring safety and maximum up-time.

TTTech products for this wind turbine control architecture include IEC 61508 SIL 2 certifiable electronic components such as switches, safety controller boards and NIC cards with run-time system and drivers.

Vestas is the world leader in wind energy, and has more than 54,900 wind turbines installed worldwide. Further improvements with respect to reliability and up-time are key for Vestas to provide a robust, future-proof control platform for new, intelligent wind turbine and park functions. “Deterministic Ethernet solutions by TTTech allow us to design proven industry standard solutions that will provide higher precision in control, which in turn helps us to continue the pursuit of reductions in LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy)," explains Jorge Magalhaes, Senior Vice President of Vestas Wind Systems.

Further information can be found in the related press release or have look at our Deterministic Ethernet product portfolio.