Autonomy and Automation

In the future, machines will increasingly operate without human help. Highly automated driving is at the center of attention. However, the automation megatrend has far-reaching implications for almost every area in which technology plays a role. In addition to autonomous driving, examples include industrial automation, smart factories, or smart agricultural machines, which are already affecting the way we work and produce goods. Smart farming or precision farming are among the core technological trends to feed a growing global population and counteract urbanization.


Selected stories in Autonomy and Automation

Industry guide for coordinating safe autonomous driving released

The rise of autonomous vehicle technology has resulted in a rich ecosystem shaped by competition. In this ecosystem, individual corporate groups are working in parallel on technological solutions. Now, a jointly published whitepaper provides guidance to decision-makers from industry and the public sector.

New research project will increase the autonomy of drones and lightweight aircraft with the help of AI

INCONTROL-RL, a nationally funded research project led by TTTech recently kicked off in a virtual meeting. Its aim is to develop an avionics platform focusing on future certifiability and researching advantages when using Artificial Intelligence components in flight control.

TTControl to contribute smart farming expertise as part of EU-funded project IntellIoT

Increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable food production is critical to provide a growing population with food. Smart farming achieved through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can create higher precision agriculture to help meet this demand.