UP2DATE - intelligent software UPDATE technologies for safe and secure mixed-criticality and high-performance cyber-physical systems

Project Description

The aim of the Research and Innovation project UP2DATE is to develop a new software paradigm for SASE Over-the-Air software updates for Mixed-Criticality Cyber-Physical Systems (MCCPS).

The paradigm will be implemented through a new software architecture that will enable the run-time deployment of new (mixed‐criticality) applications remotely (patching existing functions or extending the functionality) in heterogeneous computing platforms. Moreover, UP2DATE will provide a strategy for the future certification of the approach with respect to functional safety (e.g., IEC‐61508, ISO‐26262) and security IEC‐62443, ISO 21434) standards through dedicated concepts that build around composability and modularity as main properties to enable a dynamic (post‐deployment) validation of SASE properties.

To achieve the UP2date concepts, the project will focus on:

  1. providing possible design strategies to tackle safety/security issues from MCCPS implemented on complex hardware platforms (R1).
  2. defining the UP2DATE SASE contracts (R2, R5).
  3. elaborating observability, controllability and feedback strategies (R3, R5).
  4. integrating SASE contracts, UP2DATE middleware, and secure communication into UP2DATE SW architecture.
  5. demonstrating UP2DATE architecture applied to two case-studies: automotive and railway.
  6. carrying out an assessment of safety and security certifiability of the concepts for OTASU in MCCPS fostering dissemination and technology transfer activities.

The UP2DATE consortium consists of a multi-disciplinary team of 7 organizations (i.e. TTTech Auto AG, IKERLAN, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, OFFIS, Ingenieurgesellschaft für Auto und Verkehr GmbH (IAV), MARELLI, CAF Signalling) from 4 EU countries (Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy) which form together a well‐balanced group with complementary skills and expertise, providing the necessary competence and critical mass to ensure the achievement of the UP2DATE goals and its impact at European level.

This project and the research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s H2020 program [H2020-ICT-2019-2] under grant agreement 871465.

TTTech Auto AG is contributing to the definition of the UP2DATE framework with a focus on the safety aspects of the in-vehicle network. It provides the implementation the middleware that allows the integration or update of the application in safety and isolation of other functionality. TTTech Auto AG is implementing the scheduling and the services for the allocation of computation resources to functional software components. TTTech Auto AG will test and evaluate the UP2DATE framework for the automotive use-case.


Mohammed Abuteir


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