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Providing brand-independent technologies and solutions for the 3rd generation of fully battery-electric commercial vehicles fulfilling the needs of CO2-free city logistics.

Project Description

The electrification of road transport is high on the political agenda of all major world economies, as this represents one of the most promising pathways to increased energy security as well as reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. All leading economies have set deployment targets for 2020 and beyond supported by financial incentives for R&D and demonstration activities. Addressing the issues of urbanization, transportation, and rising greenhouse gas emissions is therefore one of the biggest challenges of the future.

In order to reach the ambitious emission targets, a massive move towards powertrain electrification is required. At the same time, customers are used to conventionally-fuelled vehicles and are not ready to pay more for less performance.

Therefore, vehicle manufacturers must provide improved and innovative vehicle solutions to the open market which are not only compliant with new regulations, but also competitive and increasingly appealing. Limiting factors for large scale deployment such as high costs, low electric driving range and insufficient comfort still need to be overcome.

In particular, there is a growing demand for cost-efficient, energy-efficient, clean, connected and agile urban and sub-urban commercial vehicles that enable users to freely, comfortably and affordably displace themselves in highly populated areas.

However, there is quite some stretch to reasonably cover relevant vehicle categories. Consequently, architectures, powertrain layouts as well as e-drive components are required to provide enough modularity to target a broad range of categories and sub-categories in order to finally profit from the envisaged economies of scale.

These are exactly the challenges that the SYS2WHEEL project will take on, by providing brand-independent technologies and solutions for the 3rd generation of fully battery-electric commercial vehicles fulfilling the needs of CO2-free city logistics.

Mass production costs of e-powertrain components and systems will be considerably reduced, while eliminating negative impact on drivability, safety and reliability. The same components and systems shall be used for different commercial vehicle categories, sub-categories and brands, in urban and inter-urban applications.

The international EU-funded project SYS2WHEEL will foster the transition to a broad range of Battery Electric Vehicles and will accelerate market penetration of e-powertrain components and systems.

The SYS2WHEEL consortium gathers 12 European key partners from 8 different countries that cover the entire vehicle value chain to develop affordable, compact, brand independent and safe solutions for the 3rd generation Battery Electric Vehicle.

The credibility of SYS2WHEEL is based on its experienced transdisciplinary team:

  • Automotive manufacturers through IVECO and Tofas
  • Drivetrain and/or component experts through FTP Industrial, Elaphe, AVL, SoftWheel, HiWi-tronics
  • ICT technologies through TTTech Auto, TTTech, and University of Surrey
  • Automotive researchers through Virtual Vehicle, University of Surrey and IESTA

SYS2WHEEL receives funding from the European H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI) contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP).


TTTech Auto will contribute to the project by providing the TSN controller and software basing on the requirements of the 3rd generation of fully battery-electric commercial vehicles. This controller will be integrated in the N1 Tofas demonstrator.

Mohammed Abuteir

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