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i4Q – Industrial Data Services for Quality Control in Smart Manufacturing

Project Description

The i4Q Project aims to provide IoT-based Reliable Industrial Data Services (RIDS), a complete suite consisting of 22 i4Q Solutions, able to manage the huge amount of industrial data coming from cheap cost-effective, smart and small-size interconnected factory devices for supporting manufacturing online monitoring and control. The i4Q Framework will guarantee data reliability with functions grouped into five basic capabilities around the data cycle: sensing, communication, computing infrastructure, storage, and analysis and optimization. i4Q RIDS will include simulation and optimization tools for manufacturing line continuous process qualification, quality diagnosis, reconfiguration and certification for ensuring high manufacturing efficiency, leading to an integrated approach to zero-defect manufacturing.

The i4Q RIDS will be demonstrated in 6 Use Cases from relevant industrial sectors and representing two different levels of the manufacturing process: machine tool providers and production companies.

The i4Q pan-European consortium includes the following industrial partners: WHIRLPOOL (White goods manufacturer), BIESSE (Wood industrial equipment), FACTOR (Metal machining), RIASTONE (Ceramics pressing), FARPLAS (Plastic injection) and FIDIA (Metal industrial equipment). Implementers include: TTTech Industrial (Industrial Communication Protocols and Standards), CESI (Machine tools, Advanced Materials, Microtechnology) and AIMPLAS (Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials); Technology Providers include: IBM (Information Technologies Company), ENGINEERING (Software and Services Company), ITI (Information Technologies Institute), KNOWLEDGEBIZ (Information Systems Company), EXOS (Operations Consulting Company): R&D partners are: CERTH (Research Institute), IKERLAN (Technological Centre), BIBA (Research Institute), UPV (University), TUBERLIN (University), UNINOVA (Research Institute). Specialist partners include: FUNDINGBOX (Exploitation), INTEROP-VLAB (Dissemination), DIN (Standardisation), LIF (Legal).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 958205.

TTTech Industrial, together with TTTech, is contributing to the project by developing and providing OPC UA pub/sub over TSN functionalities for i4Q solutions. These functionalities will be integrated in the wood industrial equipment pilot at BIESSE SpA. Together with BIESSE and ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A., the pilot will be equipped with different solutions to optimize wood working machines. TTTech Industrial AG will further provide its edge computing platform (NERVE) for controlling the machine and hosting analytics applications.


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