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DAT4.ZERO - Data Reliability and Digitally enhanced Quality Management for Zero Defect Manufacturing in Smart Factories and Ecosystems

Project Description

At the heart of DAT4.ZERO is a DQM (Data Quality Management) System that gathers and organizes data from a Distributed Multi-sensor Network, which, when combined with DQM Toolkit Modules and a Modeling and Simulation Layer, offers adequate levels of data accuracy and precision for effective decision-support and problem-solving - contributing to the achievement of a near zero-defect level of manufacturing. This shall be achieved through the integration of smart, cost-effective sensors and actuators for process simulation, monitoring and control; the showcase of real-time data validation and integrity strategies within actual production lines; the demonstration of innovative data management strategies as an integrated approach to zero-defect manufacturing and the development of strategies for rapid line qualification and reconfiguration.

Overall, DAT4.ZERO will support the European factories of the future by:

  • Increasing equipment productivity through rapid detection and correction of product- and process errors;
  • Reduction of ramp-up time;
  • Decreasing time-to-market of existing and evolving high-value products;
  • Increasing product quality, also reducing quality costs, scrap, and rework.

This will also make cost-benefit / investment analysis simpler and more practical for the European manufacturing industry of the future.

DAT4.Zero has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 958363

TTTech Industrial Automation participates to the definition of the requirements and reference architecture for DQM and brings in requirements based on its expertise in the area of communication in the safety-critical networking layers, and in fog and edge computing. Furthermore, TTTech Industrial provides the infrastructure for data management solutions, to support deep analytics and visualisation at the device, in the factory or in the cloud.


Francesca Flamigni

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