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1-SWARM - Integrated development and operations management framework for cyber-physical systems of systems under the paradigm of swarm intelligence

Project Description

1-SWARM project focuses on the design-operations for CPSoS with the specific focus on industrial sector of largescale distribution and logistics. The project aims at achieving industrially acceptable level of robustness of CPSoS whose operation emerges as “Swarm Intelligence”. 1-SWARM’s solution will span across different steps of the value chain, connecting intelligence through the digital domain to maximize their effectiveness and reliability. The objective is to provide a methodological and technological framework, modular and re-usable (“Swarm Intelligence DevOps Framework”), for the engineering of the three major aspects of CPSoS:

  • The HW/SW runtime platform that sustains their operations;
  • The distributed and orchestrated Intelligence that guarantees their autonomic behavior;
  • The extension of their “existence” into the cyber-domain for a full life-cycle approach.

Key to the exploitability of 1-SWARM’s result is the demonstration of its potentialities for 4 different application scenarios, food packaging, logistics for reconfigurable material handling, intelligent AGVs and aerial drones for monitoring of retails shops. Strong of its open and standard-based approach, 1-SWARM will create an international collaborative framework for the CPSoS domain, supporting extensively relevant standardization activities.

  • Taking one step back to see the bigger picture and to find the minimal interoperable model facilitating modularity, composability and interchangeability of components used, regardless of the individual architectures or frameworks.


Figure 1 - 1-SWARM Technical Architecture

Overall, the 1-SWARM’ consortium consists of 12 European organizations than can be grouped as follows: 2 large companies, 9 SMEs, 3 Research institutions. The numeric strength of SMEs is an added value for 1-SWARM since it fosters innovation for these representatives of the European industrial automation industry, while exploiting also the market relevance of large companies.

1-SWARM has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 871743.


TTTech Industrial Automation AG will contribute by extending its Edge Computing platform with open real-time communication layer (extending OPC UA over TSN) and a real-time orchestration middleware in order to deploy real-time virtual application on virtual machines.


Swarm Logo

Francesca Flamigni

Mohammed Abuteir

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