Project Description

nSafeCer targets increased efficiency and reduced time-to-market by composable safety certification of safety-relevant embedded systems. A primary objective is to provide support for system safety based on arguments and properties of system components, as well as to provide support for a generation of corresponding evidence in a similar compositional way. By efficient reuse during certification and stronger links between certification and development, a higher degree of component reuse is envisioned.

Improved quality and reduced risk during verification, qualification and certification will increase European industry competitiveness and pave the way for a cross-domain market for components entitled for certification.

The main industrial domains nSafeCer targets are: aerospace, automotive, construction equipment and railway. Other areas such as health care and cross-domain aspects will also be considered.

nSafeCer builds on the 2.5 year ARTEMIS pilot project pSafeCer, launched in April 2011. Sharing the same overall goals, the concepts originally developed in pSafeCer are further developed in nSafeCer into a more tangible industrial implementations of “project-ready”, unified and seamlessly integrated solutions, and demonstrators of the proof of concepts.

Certification guidelines and training examples for various other domains will be also developed. In addition to the deepening of the pSafeCer knowledge, nSafeCer should add scientific objectives, including support for product lines and cross-domain certification and reuse.

nSafeCer brings together leading companies and SMEs across Europe (including technology, tool, and competence providers as well as certification and standardisation experts). These, together with selected academic institutions are capable of accomplishing the nSafeCer goals, addressing ARTEMIS subprograms ASP1 and ASP5.

nSafeCer has received funding from the ARTEMIS JU under grant agreement n° 295373 and from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the funding program “Forschung, Innovation und Technologie für Informationstechnologien”, grant agreement no 829798.


As a company active in several safety-critical application domains, it is especially important for TTTech to implement the a cost-effective infrastructure to develop its products and tools. In the context of nSafeCer, TTTech’s focus was therefore on the establishment of an efficient development process for cross-domain products, building a model-basis for V&V of TTEthernet and the establishment of an efficient reusable software platform for cross-domain use.


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