Integrated Development 4.0 (iDev40)

The main objective of the iDev40 project proposal is to achieve a disruptive or “breakthrough change” step toward a speedup in time to market by digitalising the European industry, closely interlinking development processes, logistics and manufacturing. Ultimately, the project aims at suitable digital technology advancements to strengthen the electronic components and systems industry in Europe. It addresses various industrial domains with one and the same approach of digitalisation towards competitive and innovative solutions. The new concept of introducing seamlessly integrated development together with automation and network solutions as well as enhancing the transparency of data, their consistence, flexibility and overall efficiency will lead to a significant speedup in the time to market (T2M) race.

iDev40’s unique approach addresses:

  • AI learning, Data Life Cycle Management and IP Protection
  • Embedding Digital Development in Digital Production (the digital twin)
  • Close the knowledge loop in product life cycle management along the supply chain
  • Collaboration 4.0 and development of highly skilled R&D and manufacturing teams
  • Prove the innovated technologies on selected use cases in real productive environment
  • Progress in mastering these challenges will significantly impact the productivity of future design processes embedded in an Industrial Internet environment

The global state-of-art technologies already offer tremendous diagnostics algorithms, machine controls, simulators, optimizers, etc., but only an extensive framework like iDev40 can combine them into effective integration into the development process enabling such powerful simulations like “digital twins” that evermore govern the hardware, manufacturing service and business functions. To cope with the exceptional complexity, it becomes even more crucial to be competitive leaders in developing virtual representations of real physical implementation.

The iDev40 project receives funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking under grant agreement no 783163. This joint undertaking receives support from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation program and Austria (in particular from Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, FFG), Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Romania.


In the context of iDev40, TTTech will continue the ongoing research and development of Industrial IoT solutions for safety, secure and real time fog computing system architectures. In the frameworks of the project, TTTech will define the architecture concept for real-time safe and secure communication between distributed actors for smart and collaborative production (equipment, human operators, etc.). TTTech will realize this concept by the implementation of HW components and network configuration SW for real-time deterministic control of production systems. TTTech is involved in preparing the testbed of the “Virtual production with autonomous mobile industrial robots and interaction and training of operators” use-case to validate and verify the developed fog node.

Integrated Development 4.0

Mohammed Abuteir

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