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Project Description

The 3Ccar project will provide highly integrated ECS components for complexity control in thereby affordable electrified cars. The new semiconductors for complexity management (control, reduction) will offer the next level of energy efficiency in transportation systems. 3Ccar’s impact is its maximizing pragmatic strategy, using semiconductor technology innovations to manage functionality and complexity increase. This leads also to cheaper, efficient, robust, comfortable, reliable and usable automotive systems, strengthening Europe as a whole, by means of generating economic growth and new jobs. The impact of 3Ccar is driven vertically by innovations and horizontally, enabling growth and deployment in the industry based on what we see as European values. We recognized that European engineers develop for highest efficiency, convergence and manageable complexity. Our society appreciates long life products to avoid waste. 50 partners and 55 Mio Euro budget give the mass for innovative products such as innovative network platform including control units and software for ADAS, functional integrated powertrains and smart battery cells with unique selling features allowing Europe to advance to global leadership. An important feature of the project has been the recognition and exploitation of synergies with other EV projects, enabling fast innovation cycles between such aligned projects. With 55 Mio Euro budget and 10 b€ impact the R&D expenditure ratio is 200 which is 10 times higher than the semiconductor average and corresponds with very strong innovation potential, which will be translated into the automotive and semiconductor industry. The technologies developed in 3Ccar will be commercialized all over the world while giving advantages to Europe’s OEMs willing to manufacture in Europe. 3Ccar will be involved in standardization needed to ensure that large vertical supply chains can be established. The 3Ccar project shows that collaboration between the industry, research institutes, governments and customers is pivotal for excellence in Europe.

In the context of 3cCar, TTTech will contribute automotive Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTEthernet) technology-based network developments, in particular including switch technology. TTTech will also contribute by jointly carrying on initial developments in the area of a TTEthernet automotive switch. The target is to continue R&D activities in order to prepare the next generation of such a chip, bringing forward highly safety-relevant applications such as ADAS and autonomous driving.

This project has received funding from the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking filed under grant agreement no 662192, and “IKT der Zukunft” (Austrian national funding for ARTEMIS), a program from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, filed under grant agreement no 848714.


TTTech is targeting developments for a special Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for the implementation in electric- and/or hybrid cars. It is planned to have a network demonstrator set-up in cooperation with the chip industry partners of 3Ccar (Supply Chain 5). The plan foresees to equip the VCU with a special interface to allow integration into the TTEthernet networks and thus also provide gateway functionality to other network technologies such as CAN and FlexRay. This will enable the developers using such a platform to integrate older technology-based hardware into latest stage-centralized car network concepts for highest criticality levels.


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