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Living Safety and Security Cases for Cyber-Physical Systems Certification

Project Description

Safety cases are an established method within certification processes of embedded systems. They trace safety goals down to safety solutions, providing evidence for the fulfilment of a system´s safety properties. However, safety cases do not scale up to cyber-physical systems like platforms for autonomous driving or smart energy management due to the lacking support of security-specific aspects or of system changes. Within SALSA, our goal is to develop a novel tool-supported method of “living” safety and security cases enabling efficient compliance management in settings characterized by heterogeneity, cross-organizational structures, certification with respect to multiple standards and short release cycles. Core concepts within SALSA are a workflow-enhanced knowledge base supporting collaborative maintenance of safety/security evidence chains, coordination of tasks in multi-standard contexts and efficient handling of system releases.


SALSA has received funding from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the funding program “IKT der Zukunft”, grant agreement n° 855383.



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