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Operational SAfety through FORmal Methods (OSAFORM)

Project Description

The goal of the project is to increase the functional safety of critical electronic components in automotive and aerospace applications. The project evaluates how experienced digital chip design engineers can be enabled to apply mathematical methods to proof the correctness of their designs. TTTech as a pilot user is providing the requirements the new methodology, Symbiotic GmbH does provide tools and training to TTTech. If certification authorities can be convinced that the methodology does provide a significant improvement of the state of the art, this new methodology will become a requirement for certification of cars and airplanes in general, which will increase the safety of these vehicles for all its users.

Partner statement

“The research cooperation with TTTech was the starting point for Symbiotic GmbH to establish itself within the international chip industry as a well-recognized tools and services provider. Due to additional clients Symbiotic GmbH gained since the start of the cooperation with TTTech, we were able to hire 4 addition engineers. We are very happy to have TTTech as pilot client to get serious feedback about the usefulness and value of formal methods within the automotive and aerospace industry. Once TTTech will use formal methods as a standard methodology, this will improve the state of the art of how the electronic safety of cars and airplanes can be guaranteed.”

Edmund Humenberger, CEO of Symbiotic GmbH

OSAFORM receives funding from the Vienna business agency (Wirtschaftsagentur Wien).

In the context of the project “Operational SAfety through FORmal Methods” TTTech will additionally focus on the evaluation of the efficiency and relevance of formal methods in circuit design of critical applications and compare a methodological approach to formal verification developed in the project with well-established quality assurance processes.

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