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INNAS - Innovative Networks for Networked Aircraft Subsystems

Project Description

Both the „Distributed Integrated Modular Avionics“ and the „More Electric Aircraft“ (MEA) transformed the mechanical control of aircraft sub-systems to an electric/electronic control. This innovation has significantly contributed to reducing the aircraft complexity and at the same time increasing its reliability.

Since many years the aerospace industry relies on communication systems such as ARINC 664 part 7  i.e. for modern passenger aircraft sub-system data communication. Already many of the sub-systems use this technology both for internal communication and for the communication to the cockpit and the avionics bay.

Despite the high degree of technological advances achieved, the goal is to further enhance capabilities with respect to closing fast control loops. In the future, built-in security measures should allow advancement from MEA towards the „Digitized, Connected Aircraft“ (DCA).

By investigating the use of Deterministic Ethernet (DE) as a novel platform and backbone architecture, the INNAS consortium will enable digitization of the next generation of aircraft towards DCA. For this purpose and to allow connection to the internet as central brick to digitization, the project will target the integration of effective measures for improving security and preventing unauthorized access to the aircraft backbone data communication platform on hardware level.

Furthermore, the consortium will research measures to ensure the reliability of eASIC components that will carry the IP of such backbone architecture network components starting from the individual transistor used for the developed DE network switch.

This project has received funding from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the Austrian Aeronautics Research and Technology Programme, TAKE OFF, grant agreement no.867414.


TTTech Computertechnik AG will focus on network architecture and DE switches for aerospace grade applications.

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