Project Description

Automated mobility systems are moving from simple scenarios with objects behaving in predictable ways towards more complex urban traffic scenarios. The iLIDS4SAM project supports this transition by developing high performance, low-cost LiDAR sensors with increased field of view and resolution, which will enable predictive assessment of hazardous situations involving VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users). This requires innovation of all components of LiDAR sensors. To achieve this, the project explores novel innovative MEMS mirror designs and seeks to increase the timing accuracy of driver ASIC, the channel count and data rates of the receiver. Based on the new photonic sensors and related advanced validation tools the project will demonstrate considerable improvement of system performance. The solution will be demonstrated in three use cases: 1) urban automotive traffic, 2) rail traffic and 3) farming.



Based on positive experiences in other domains, TTTech Auto will contribute by connecting the iLIDS4SAM LIDAR sensor to a switched TSN/Ethernet back-bone architecture, which eliminates many weaknesses of conventional communication architecture approaches like limitations due to “priorities” (i.e. CAN), too narrow bandwidth, lack of determinism, undefined latency, no guarantee of timely delivery of data etc…

In addition to that, TTTech Auto will develop the central computing platform (CCP) to cover safety- and security-related tasks in a domain controller embedded into a data-communication network-architecture and integrating the LIDAR sensor data into the safety-relevant decision route based on the overall sensor fused information. This increases the reliability of the decision-making process due to adding additional sensors to the system. The CCP will enable connecting all sensors and actuators directly to one central computer, thus increasing reliability of decision, security and reducing the complexity of the system. In addition, it provides efficient protection of network against unauthorized access due to integrating security measures into the system.


This project has received funding from the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology under the funding programme IKT der Zukunft, grant agreement no. 878713


Duration: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2022 (36 months)

Funding: Austrian: IKT der Zukunft Leitprojekt (6. Ausschreibung)

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Keywords: automated mobility, urban traffic, predictive assessment, LiDAR sensors, photonics

Contact: Andreas Eckel,

Title: Integrated LiDAR Sensors for Safe & Smart Automated Mobility