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Project Description

Autonomous driving is currently a major trend in the automotive industry. While first pilot projects are well under way already, these demonstrators are equipped with enormous amounts of computers, sensors and actuators to realize the required functionalities. For a full commercialization of this trend, the hardware and software infrastructure must be re-designed and tailored to satisfy the cost, size and performance requirements of the automotive mass market. The goal of the HISPEED project is the research and development of such a hardware platform for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

This dedicated HISPEED platform, including safety-related middleware, fully leverages state-of-the-art multicore technology and combines several specialized processing hosts in a powerful MPSoC architecture. Its performance, combined with dependable communication and safety features, will allow the integration of advanced driver assistance functionalities such as autonomous parking, traffic jam pilot and autonomous emergency breaking, up to later fully autonomous driving applications. All developments are conducted under full compliance to (safety-related) norms and standards such as AUTOSAR and ISO 26262.

HISPEED has received funding from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the funding programme “Basisprogramm”, grant agreement no 842355.

The HISPEED Frontrunner project is part of the larger DRIVE 2.0 R&D initiative that aims to bring advanced driver assistance functionalities to the next generation of series vehicles. All developments are conducted by TTTech experts at the headquarter in Vienna, Austria. TTTech is in the process of becoming an (inter)national frontrunner centre in ADAS platforms.


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