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TTE-Development System A664 for Linux upgraded to version 4.3

TTTech Aerospace is excited to announce the update of the TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux to version 4.3. The development system is a ready-to-run evaluation and development platform for TTEthernet®. It allows a seamless transition from evaluation to development of real-time communication systems for the aerospace market.

Javier Gadea Ezquerra, Product Manager at TTTech Aerospace highlights the benefits of the development  platform, “With our TTEDevelopment System we provide a complete evaluation and development environment for the open Time-Triggered Ethernet communication standard allowing our customers to simplify the development of avionics systems for the aerospace market. It offers a complete starter kit for evaluation and development in a laboratory environment helping our customers to reduce cost and time during the technology evaluation and development phase and therefore reducing the entry hurdle for Time-Triggered, ARINC 664 or Ethernet technology to a minimum.”

The TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux allows customers to get familiar with TTEthernet® products and their integration, for a seamless transition from evaluation of products to the development of avionics systems. The newest version 4.3 is another step to provide customers with a full development environment for hard real-time and non-real time Ethernet communication on the same network using different quality of service traffic classes.

Version 4.3 incorporates TTTech Aerospace’s latest generation development switch, TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0, which is based on the flight-worthy TTESwitch Module A664 Pro. The new switch features a certifiable core switching component with extended functionalities. The TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 supports networks based on COTS Ethernet cards, allowing for a faster transition from technology evaluation in a laboratory to development of avionics systems. This enables customers to evaluate TTEthernet® technology in an environment which is very close to the final flight products.

The TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux also includes the proven TTEEnd System A664 Lab PCIe, a high-performance network interface card enabling real-time Ethernet communication on redundant channels for the use in safety-critical systems and the related TTEthernet® configuration tools (TTETools) enabling the user to configure TTEthernet® networks. The TTETools development suite 5.5 offers high flexibility and performance, as well as a user-friendly standalone graphical user interface. It requires only one tool (TTEPlan) to both configure the network and the components.

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