Advancing safe technologies, improving human lives

With our leading technology solutions, we ensure safety and electronic robustness for a more connected and automated world.

About TTTech Group

TTTech Group unites TTTech Computertechnik AG, TTTech Auto AG and TTControl GmbH. These globally oriented high-tech companies all rely on proven TTTech know-how and experience gained since 1998. Our safety control platforms and real-time networks are applied in various markets and are trusted by many renowned market leaders. We combine highly innovative software technology with a deep understanding of digital transformation in key verticals. All TTTech Group companies have access to our global ecosystem of customers and partners from different domains, research institutions and organizations. TTTech products fulfill all relevant industry standards as well as current safety requirements.

TTTech Computertechnik AG offers solutions for the aerospace, space, manufacturing and energy market and is also the home of the TTTech Group’s R&D activities. This ensures that all TTTech entities have access to the results of our continuous research as well as making use of cross-industry synergies.

Vision and Mission

Advancing safe technologies, improving human lives

With our leading technology solutions, we ensure safety and electronic robustness for a more connected and automated world.

Excellence, Innovation, Cooperation

Thirty years of extensive research in Europe and the US as well as experience in development work provide a mature basis for our core technology to build applications in safety-critical areas. Today our company has a global presence with more than 1,700 employees worldwide. TTTech is still an active contributor to the scientific community. This is how we contribute:

Another key element to our success is the close cooperation with various dynamic, international companies and institutions. TTTech has partnerships with a number of leading technology companies from the transportation and industrial area. You can find an overview here.

Corporate Policy

  • Our goal is to support clients to achieve their business objectives by improving the reliability of networked computer systems. In order to continuously advance customer satisfaction we put special emphasis on effective project execution, including processes to guarantee compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. In addition, we have committed ourselves to high-level quality standards.

  • Our core technology is based on more than 30 years of development work, providing a mature basis to build applications in safety-critical areas.

  • TTTech’s employees are specialists in their work field, committing themselves to the quality and reliability the industry expects. We strive to create a challenging work environment to enable innovation and continue our history of success.

  • The continually changing market and the fast technological progress demand a flexible approach from our organization. Our organizational structure keeps communication dynamic and allows quick responses to customers needs.

These are the key priorities for all TTTech Group companies that ensure our innovation, growth and success. Our focus is the customer in every step of the way. These priorities ensure excellence in execution and compliance to all relevant standards and are also supported by our corporate culture.

Further information on quality and standards at TTTech can be found here.

Security Statement

As a highly innovative technology company, security is very important for us. Therefore, in accordance with our mission and values, TTTech is committed to maintain and improve its information security and business continuity while minimizing the exposure to risk within the company.

TTTech’s security policy shall ensure that:

  • access to sensitive information is only granted to authorized individuals and partners;
  • its Information Security Management System is continuously adapted, amended and improved in order to comply with applicable laws as well as any legal and other obligations that may be relevant to TTTechs’s business and to the state of art;
  • Information Security trainings are obligatory for all employees and third parties where appropriate;
  • the protection of information will be considered, when business continuity plans for mission critical activities are produced, maintained, tested or invoked;
  • all Information security related incidents will be investigated.