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TTTech Aerospace introduced the TTEEnd System A664 Core IP core product to the market last year. It is the world’s first DO-254 certifiable IP core solution for TTEthernet® that offers speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and supports three deterministic Ethernet standards (“standard” Ethernet, ARINC 664 part 7 and Time-Triggered Ethernet) on up to three redundant channels. The latest update reduced the size of the IP, decreasing cost as well as power consumption in the end system and broadening the range of possible applications.

The aerospace market encompasses a wide range of flight vehicles – from smaller, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to regional jets. As a result, the FPGAs used in the end systems can vary in size. Small sensors like data concentrators will require lower data rates and can use a small, cost-efficient FPGA, while avionics in larger aircraft are typically required to send and process much higher data rates and thus need larger FPGAs. Manufacturers are therefore looking for small, flexible, and scalable IP solutions with high performance that meet the demands of the market.

Wolfram Zischka, Product Manager Aerospace, explains: “Our customers in the civil aviation sector use the TTEEnd System A664 Core IP to connect Ethernet-based integrated, modular avionics systems. The use cases vary, so we were looking at how we can provide a more flexible solution to our customers. One way was to further reduce the size of the IP, so customers can decrease cost and power consumption in their end products. We also boosted the IP’s performance by increasing the number of receive/transmit virtual links and improving host performance. This makes the TTEEnd System A664 Core IP a good fit for many more applications.”

The TTEEnd System A664 Core IP is compliant with best-effort (IEEE 802.3), rate-constrained (ARINC 664 part 7), and time-triggered (SAE AS6802) traffic and certifiable for RTCA DO-254 level A flight systems and aircraft. It has already been integrated by several customers in civil aviation programs with the highest safety-criticality.

TTTech Aerospace also offers the porting of its End System IP to different FPGA families on request.

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